EXCALIBA in Major Car Accident

On the afternoon of November 10, 2014, EXCALIBA and his daughter were in a major accident on the corner of Thomas St. and Whitney Ave., on his way home from picking his daughter up from school for an evening of fun. EXCALIBA stopped at the light to make a left hand turn onto Thomas St., before he finished turning, a car driving toward him saw the light was about to turn green so they decided not to slow down for the red light. Little did they know that EXCALIBA and his four year old daughter were in that intersection making that turn. The on coming car T-Boned EXCALIBA's car which pinned him in the driver's seat and projected his daughter through the rear passenger side window. They were both rushed to the nearest hospital. EXCALIBA flat lined twice, once on the way to the ER and also in the ER. EXCALIBA was rushed to surgery with major oragn injuries. EXCALIBA was in the ICU for two weeks, where he went back into surgery for the final time. His daughter was admitted to the Children's Hospital with a fractured skull and compound broken arm. She was released a week later to her mother. EXCALIBA was in the hospital for a total of 6 weeks with a broken right ankle in two places, a hole in his right knee ( fixed in surgery), four broken ribs, torn tendons and ligaments in his left knee, broken left hand, aberrations to his left forehead and eye, and other problems caused by the ruptured organs. After his release from the hospital, bound in a wheel chair, EXCALIBA went right into an after care facility to keep and eye on his recovery progress. EXCALIBA is still in the recovery process, but so far everything has been going well.

Words from EXCALIBA,

"Thank you to all the friends and family who visited me in the hospital and those who sent prayers out. It was those prayers that helped me get this far. Lets Do It"!!!

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